“Google, combined with Wi-Fi, is a little bit like God. God is wireless, God is everywhere and God sees and knows everything. Throughout history, people connected to God without wires. Now, for many questions in the world, you ask Google, and increasingly, you can do it without wires, too.” ~ Alan Cohen, a V.P. of Airespace, to the New York Times (2003)

You’ve heard about Snowden and the NSA. Heard about the sneaky tricks Facebook has been engaging in. Now comes word that Google, the entity that in the past could make or break websites and blogs, change policies at the drop of a hat to fight events some call “link baiting” or “SEO” – Now it comes out that Google itself has stooped lower than that by deliberately MANIPULATING TWITTER – I couldn’t believe this NPR report when I first read it!

In short, Google is now selectively censoring news!

“In old-school newsrooms, the saying goes: if it bleeds, it leads. Because this new newsroom is focused on getting content onto everyone’s smartphone, Agrawal says, editors may have another bias: to comb through the big data in search of happy thoughts.”

“Happy thoughts?” WTF!!!???

Snippets from the article: ” Designers put the factoid into a pretty box. Influencers enlisted by Google circulate it on Twitter and Facebook – to increase it’s reach beyond the company’s own social network Google+.”

“After the dramatic defeat by Germany, the team also makes a revealing choice to not publish a single trend on Brazilian search terms. ”

Now, I wonder how effective Google was at skewing twitter trends. The UK Telegraph headliner “Brazil vs Germany ‘most tweeted sports game ever’
35.6 million tweets were sent during last night’s World Cup semi-final match”
seems to give hope that the big G isn’t as influential as it thinks.

One more thing ::: Google Inc., Facebook Inc. and other technology companies appear to have stepped back from a net neutrality fight to ensure Internet providers treat all Web traffic equally, leaving startups to battle proposed legislation.

What do YOU think?

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