Imagine you sign on twitter – and you want to promote the Ice Bucket challenge – and then twitter suspends your account because twitter doesn’t like the idea of an Ice Bucket Challenege – maybe because it could harm someone. The Daily News has identified a number of Twitter accounts used by ISIS supporters that were suspended over the past week.

Twitter stepping up suspensions of ISIS-affiliated accounts: experts

As we’ve seen with Google and more recently Microsoft, people don’t have too many rights when it comes to the internet. This is why groups like Anonymous promote hacktivism and US President Barack Obama sides with those who would like to maintain Net Neutrality.

What if twitter decided it didn’t care for Israeli media’s tweets about Gaza? Take dowsn the Israeli accounts?

Love ’em, hate ’em or fear ’em, I believe ISIS tweets are a critical component not only of free speech, but of the greater flow of information. According to the DN, “The Twitter crackdown matters, terrorism experts say.
Terrorists by definition use violent acts to frighten larger populations, and rely on media to reach those they hope to terrorize. ISIS in particular has used social media “to give the impression that this group is unstoppable.”

I also have seen over the last several days, ISIS members tweeting a few convincing corrections and adjustments to “news” spread by the mainstream media. There’s propaganda sprinkled to varying degrees in many news reports we see on teevee, and not just those dealing with ISIS.

Cutting ISIS off from social media communication and engagement is a mistake. But that’s just my opinion.

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