It must have been something I tweeted…

In recent days I have been approached by (and have appeared on) radio outlets outside the United States to participate in panel discussions relating to freedom of the flow of information.

No doubt this is connected to one or more of my tweets where I suggest a media blackout of #ISIS is a bad idea. #Awareness and understanding of any enemy threat is a valuable chunk of data. I’d rather see a post showing an ISIS message in downtown Chicago or a smartphone displaying an ISIS website outside the White House than not know or see anything.

A friend whom I haven’t heard from in ages was always insistent that “before bad things happen, they have to tell us.” I’m not sure if he subscribed to the Illuminati train of thought or what – I do know he was fascinated by word plays. He pointed out things like beLIEve – the word “lie” in the midst of beLIEf – free + dumb = freedom, and in + formation = information. Things like that.

I thought of my friend a few days ago when a gentleman on CBS Morning News mentioned he “wouldn’t be surprised if ISIS showed up at a US shopping mall,” a la Westgate. But what could you or I do? Just be careful at the mall? Keep plotting exit strategies in our brains?

Another thing I’ve tweeted involves the use of Ebola as a weapon of terror. That came home this morning when news broke that ISIS offered the US a Bergdahl deal – they would trade journalist James Foley, not for 5 terrorists, but for one – an Al Qaeda woman serving a lengthy jail term here in the US after she was found in possesion of plans to weaponize Ebola as well as details involving planned attacks on American soil. At the time Bergdahl was freed, many questioned the wisdom of releasing the 5 terrorists. Could the lone Al-Qaeda woman be more dangerous than the 5 of them combined? I’m not qualified to answer that.

I’ve also tweeted about the failure of anyone to #BringBackOurGirls – the 200 or so captured by Boko Haram seem to not matter anymore in the world of #IceBucketChallenge

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