People are very touchy these days when it comes down to certain issues. Makes me think of an ancient South Park episode where Christmas is ruined because everyone has gone out of their way to accomodate the beliefs of others so as not to offend anyone. Ya gottabee “P.C.” In 2012, Triple jumper Voula Papachristou was kicked off Greece’s Olympic team after she tweeted out comments mocking African immigrants … she immediately issued this response, her last tweet ever…

I’m still astonished at how fragile people have become, bruising so easily in 2014. Note this article: Robin Williams Emmys tribute led by Billy Crystal criticised for including ‘racist’ joke about Muslim woman

Making fun of someone or something or even of yourself is not racist.

Perhaps one commenter on that Independent website typed it best: “How much longer do we have to suffer this “Racist” BS? Robin Williams was a comedy genius. When you lose your ability to laugh, you have lost everything. Who cares that the arabs are upset? I get upset everytime I read or see images of one of them holding a severed head. I guess that makes me racist too!”

Not too long ago here in upstate New York, A young white woman’s career was bludgeoned after what I still believe was an innocent tweet with no eveil intentions. You can read about that here.

A senior writer at New York Magazine (who appears to be caucasian) may have been recently slighted by a male caucasian… or is she merely role-playing the “sex terrorist” she claims to be on her twitter bio?

Have a look at the tweet “pinned” to appear at the top of her account:


Jessica Roy may have missed an article that appears in rival pub “The New Yorker” ::: “On Wednesday, Pandora became the latest Silicon Valley company to publicize a breakdown of its employees by gender and race. Notably, Pandora employs a much larger share of female workers—about forty-nine per cent globally—than most of the other big companies that recently disclosed their numbers, including Google, Apple, Twitter, and Facebook (in all these companies, women only make up around thirty per cent of employees). Pandora also appears to have a larger share of underrepresented minorities than many of the others. The company, commentators concluded from the figures, must be doing something right.” Read the complete article here.

To be fair, there is a passage that reads “software programmers, as a group, tend more often to be white and male…” but you could also say that “tuna fishermen, as a group, tend more often to be Asian and male,” or “Church-based social clubs, as a group, tend to be more elderly and female.” You can frame it any way you like and take it as ridiculoulsy far as you can. To a point.

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