Thought Catalog

It started with Salon. Then Gawker. Then Tumblr. Then Facebook. Then Twitter. Then people on the street. Then the guy that cuts my hair. Then my parents. It’s hard to deny at this point – the results are in: people hate Thought Catalog.

But why? Is it because we dare to publish controversial material? Is it because Thought Catalog caters to “navel-gazing millennials” – soft, privileged baby-adults, delicately meandering through a safeguarded existential crisis like a six pound bowling ball rolling down a well-oiled lane, lubricated and protected from the friction of social immobility by their class and race, bouncing between the bumpers of financial security and malignant narcissism, hurtling towards their ultimate goal – ten pins of listicle items, each one more thoroughly overwrought in metaphor than the last? Is that why they hate us? Or is it because they can’t face the truth: that Thought Catalog is actually…

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