Watch The Videos

You can find them online. Mike Brown at the convenience store shortly before the altercation with Officer Wilson (I wish there was a video of THAT ill-fated meeting somewhere out there).  You can watch Mike Brown’s stepdad (thanks to new video released today) incite the Ferguson riot (you’ve likely already seen “burn it down”)

The Eric Garner video depicts (in my opinion) a TRUE “gentle giant” taken down by a pack and choked (illegal in New York) because he tried to sell somebody a few   “loosies” – you know what they are? Cigarettes. You take one or two from a pack and sell ’em to a guy or gal who can’t afford to buy a full pack. LOOSIES are illegal in New York State. The conevenience store around the corner from where I am has a sign inside “I don’t sell loosies” – Anyway, just watching the video it doesn’t seem possible a grand jury couldn’t indict. I’m thinking there is a higher power, perhaps a person, a party, a conspiracy, determined to trigger a racial war, a civil war, in the United States. I’m not crazy, and I’m not one of those “tin foil” hats.

Here’s a tweet that went viral today: @radicalhearts
If you think we can find life and liberty in the same country that was formed around our enslavement, you’re seriously deluded.

The seeds are being sown for division, death and DISTRACTION. While we’re busy fighting one another, anything could happen.

Think about it. Think about those spouse and child-abusing NFL players. Think about “America’s Dad”  Bill Cosby. Think about Ferguson. Who could benefit from a divided United States? ISIL? Could politicians intend to impose Martial Law, which might keep Barack Obama as President beyond his term – or – might ‘they’ have someone else waiting in the wings to assume leadership and control? Turn through the pages of history and see for yourself the chronicles of conquests, invasions and military coups.

By the way, kudos to Senator John McCain for grilling the soap opera woman who is in line to become U.S. Amabassador to Hungary. If you wanna see intense video, Google that one up!