1) Follow people who have messaged you within the last 10 minutes!

2) CULL – go through the list of people you are following – cut those who haven’t tweeted within the last 3 months.

3) Follow people that have followed you within the last 60 minutes!

4) Use popular hash tags – Take part in #followfriday (#FF) etc.

With the correct posting strategy, you remain in control of implementing a consistent brand message from each of the Social Media channels. For example, if you are a Consultant, you can provide value added posts on Twitter then link to your blog for great information. Another example is you could create YouTube videos and drive traffic back to your blog or product page where you sell your products or services.

You can follow me on twitter, mention this article and tweet the URL, and I’ll follow you back! And just so we’re clear: if you un-follow me, I will unfollow you. That is a promise.