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the random path

Guess what dear readers? I haven’t been inside a Target store a.k.a. the bulls-eye store in over 3 months!

*Cue the ticker tape parade and the celebrations!!*

I know, I know, it is absolutely physically impossible to stay away from that store, with everything all bright and shiny and begging you to take it home. But I did it.

I have not been inside a bulls-eye store since September.

How did I do it, you ask?

The answer to that question is two beautiful little words: Fred Meyer, a lovely wonderful store that they have here in Oregon.

Now before you think I substituted mindless shopping at one store for mindless shopping at another store, hear me out: I do not mindless shop at the Fred Meyer store. Not once have I ever mindless shopped at Fred Meyer.

See, when I would go to target to get toilet paper…

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