Competition, at the end of the day, doesn’t matter… But, at the end of the day, it is a competitive space.” ~ The Kang Sisters

Have you heard of / Are you using tools such as StoryMap or cell phone apps like Storehouse? Are you tending to your personal brand? A recent episode of South Park showed children and adults gathered together in a room where the jumbo tv screen was blank. No one was talking to anyone else. Everyone’s nose was buried in his or her smartphone. The cartoon series reflects what’s going on in the analog world: the mobile device has become the connecting point for millions of people all over the world. It is the center of all attention and affection: a communicator, an oracle, a library, a walkman, a television, and sometimes a telephone!

Wearables, hearables, nearables and payables will be some of the buzzwords of 2015 as the mobile revolution takes the next great leap. Mobile and social trends will continue to drive technical, product and content innovation with subscription and rental models increasingly driving digital revenues.” ~ Nic Newman

Mr. Newman has outlined in his Media, Journalism and Technology Predictions for 2015 report you can read or download here. [PDF]

Now, after you’ve read the report, how much of it do you believe currently applies to or is likely to impact you, in the 12 months coming. What are YOUR thoughts? Is Newman on-target?