Society. Some say ‘it is what it is,’ but you know you really can’t snap your fingers and dismiss it, not like that. The Brooklyn McDonald’s brawl went viral, made headlines, and got me thinking today.

Why did I comment on it? A dream I had last night. I and a friend went back in time to our high school days. We observed our classmates and ourselves through adult eyes. We were invisible to others in the dream, so as not to disturb the delicate fabric of history and time.

This morning, getting ready to bundle up last week’s papers for recycling pickup, I took another look at the Daily News “McBrutes” stories. Why did this have to have happened? Aniah Ferguson’s mother told the media she didn’t raise her daughter this way. So who did? Did WE as a culture, as a society?

Truth be told, Aniah Ferguson is Not a “Brute” and Prison Isn’t the Answer.