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When I first saw the headline on Twitter and then read the story something did not seem right. Too convenient so contrived. It didn’t sound real. After careful consideration and examination, I conclude this is propaganda.
I’ve noticed an abundance of questionable stories involving Yazidis, who have a legitimate axe to grind against ISIS. Think of all the stories you’ve read about American convicts who are behind bars only because they broke after hours of torturous questioning. Deprived of sleep or cold or warmth long enough to admit anything just to get it all to stop.  So the information any ISIS capturees spill to authorities, I would suggest be taken with a grain of salt.  Just my opinion. That’s all.

I'm not the only one questioning the validity of this information.

I’m not the only one questioning the validity of this information.

Think sandwiches! we’re witnessing history, a brave new world of leisure for those of us who struggled so long in menial jobs! We’re heading up, up, up!

Forget everything they’ve told you. There is no reason why you can’t live and lead an absolutlely wonderful life! Now that the $15 minimum wage is nearly upon us, make it a priority to get a job at one of the places offering the new rate. Chances are, once you become known around the facility, you’ll meet a suitable spouse! With both of you raking in $15 an hour, you’ll have it made!

Once established as a couple, find an apartment in your city’s downtown, where you are sure to have amenities like free wifi (they laid the fiber for ‘disadvantaged’ neighborhood folk so they could learn computing and apply for jobs online!) Do not try to buy a house. You’ll get stuck paying taxes. Let the landlord do that. Remember how well the rally for the $15 ‘liveable’ wage worked? Think of rallying for ‘liveable’ rent – force government to act and order those evil landlords to lower rent across the board! And living downtown may even net you free medical care! If you have kids later on, send them to public or subsidized private schools. Never pay for their education yourself!

As a young modern, you won’t need to save for the kids’ college. Your children will go from high school to workforce, and by that time, you’ll join them in the #FightFor30! Yes, you CAN make it in the new America! Never forget: THEY owe US because we struggled for SO LONG!

Well it happened again. Despite government’s best efforts to scare the crap out of everyone just prior to Independence Day in the USA, there was NO terrorist attack. Nothing happened. But we did get to hear all about that “increased chatter” that “authorities” were aware of. And we got glimpse of highly militarized police.

Notice that before real terrorists strike nobody picks up any chatter. No worries about Charlie Hebdo. No warnings to beachgoers vacationing in Tunisia. The police are doing their normal chores of upholding the law by answering 911 calls and writing tickets for various infractions.

If authorities in the USA really thought there was going to be an attack of some sort, they’d be way ready and may not even bother to scare ordinary citizens about it.

Perhaps someone somewhere decided that every now and again we need a little spookin’ … Just enough so we can’t feel 100 percent alright at a fireworks display. Just enough so lots of police can walk around with big menacing weapons for all of us to see and for the TV news to report.

I hope we never again have to bear an attack like 9/11. But if one were to happen, you can safely assume we won’t get any advance notice.

Society. Some say ‘it is what it is,’ but you know you really can’t snap your fingers and dismiss it, not like that. The Brooklyn McDonald’s brawl went viral, made headlines, and got me thinking today.

Why did I comment on it? A dream I had last night. I and a friend went back in time to our high school days. We observed our classmates and ourselves through adult eyes. We were invisible to others in the dream, so as not to disturb the delicate fabric of history and time.

This morning, getting ready to bundle up last week’s papers for recycling pickup, I took another look at the Daily News “McBrutes” stories. Why did this have to have happened? Aniah Ferguson’s mother told the media she didn’t raise her daughter this way. So who did? Did WE as a culture, as a society?

Truth be told, Aniah Ferguson is Not a “Brute” and Prison Isn’t the Answer.

Brian Williams, Jon Stewart, Bobbi Kristina and Sports Illustrated have hijacked the headlines across MainStreamMedia, and even Drudge gets a “Thumbs Down” — while Kayla Mueller’s heart wrenching story gets pushed back off “lead story” status. (“ISIS didn’t see her as a hostage or a bargaining chip,” a counter-terrorism official told ABC News.)

What’s happening in the media is just one more indication that the USA has lost its moral edge. A lot of folks don’t care for Barack Obama’s ISIS/Crusades comparison. Let’s get real.

Kayla Mueller, Jordanian fighter pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh and many mambers of ISIS have one common denominator and one fault: youth. The restlessness that oft comes when one is in his or her twenties. The desire to make a mark, have a purpose, live a special life. Kayla’s passionate humanitarian work originated in the same place “in the heart” as Moaz’s desire to fly, just as visions of foreign service in a revolutionary cause has captivated the souls of young men and women through all time.

Why do people flock to ISIS? They are seeking meaning and matter in their lives, much the same way others immerse themselves in different causes – all for that same reason – looking for a place, a part in the master script. 

TV anchors shedding tears over Brian Williams! Tabloids grinding up Bobbi Kristina setting record sales. Sports Illustrated trying to be the Madonna/Lady Gaga of magazines. In a world where TV attorneys place ads proclaiming they will sue anybody at the drop of a hat, the BS is so deep, life so superficial, no wonder young people look for other outlets.

»More ::: Kayla’s letter and John McCain’s video

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