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One of the articles on my blog*spot that’s gotten a lot of attention, has done so for the wrong reasons.

Folks with a “rip and read” mentality have taken my typed words out of context. In “Two Sides To Every Story,” I present text and video representing opposing sides in a conflict.

I’m just reporting the facts, and, for example, if I say someone is a “light of hope” for a group of inidividuals, that’s what I mean.

Breakdown: If I wrote “Joseph Smith has been a light of hope and a poster boy for those who fancy polygamy,”  I am correct. Right? So if I write “May Golan has been a crusader, a light of hope and a voice for concerned Israelis in South Tel Aviv,” is it not the same in essence? I am naming an individual, a position and a following. That’s all. I neither condemn nor condone.

The Problem: People with agendas only see the side of a conflict they want to see.

Speaking of agendas, there’s a disqus commenter with an anti-weblog agenda.

Operating under the hat GeorgeSalt, this fellow clearly has no love for blogs or bloggers:

he left a series of acrid comments after I left a link as a counter-argument on an Atlantic article that attacks the very concept of blogging. The author is clueless as to the reality of the craft, and I was hoping to get a response from him or otherwise engage him in dialog. Doesn’t seem like he’s interested!


“Twitter has become an uncensored global news service the like of which we have never seen.” ~ Paul Mason

What if you woke up one morning and your blog had disappeared? And when you went to check twitter, it was gone. And instead of Facebook there was a 404 error screen.

What is the shelf-life of an online service? I saw today on teevee where Yahoo received 196.6 million unique visitors last month, compared to 192.3 million for Google, beating Google in traffic for first time since 2011. Yahoo’s picking up Tumblr a likely factor.

The modern blog evolved from the online diary, where people would keep a running account of their personal lives.

A Timeline of the History of Blogging

While the term “blog” was not coined until the late 1990s, the history of blogging began with digital communities including Usenet, commercial online services such as GEnie, BiX and the early CompuServe, e-mail listservs and Bulletin Board Systems (BBS). In the 1990s, Internet forum software, such as WebEx, created running conversations with “threads”.

Then came the avalanche of bloggers – the folks who wrote the journals. And Blogger [blog*spot] – the platform of expression owned for several years now by Google. I am always wondering if when Google will pull the plug on blogger. The service’s most popular blogebrity has been Wendy Cheng, whom I have followed for years and mentioned many many times on my blogspot blogs.

In a recent post on my WordPress blog, I referenced early blogging.

I have been trying to save my still-existing blogspot files. Over 6-THOUSAND – yes – 6,000 posts! Imagine that! And that’s not counting the ones that vanished when Google deleted without warning my original Capital Region People blog! They could do it to anyone – and have!

Somewhat related ::: Check out how your blog or website is doing with this free online tool.

I love to tinker and experiment – Lately I have been using my blog*spot blog as a “guinea pig” of sorts to do all kinds of tinkering and testing. From Blog Cap to Cloud Computing, I’ve covered a lot of ground. I’ve also been watching and documenting traffic the search engines are sending my blog’s way. Throw rhyme and reason out the window. And get offa that cloud!

Before I get to that, I still maintain there is some sort of “traffic cap” in place, one that has gotten all to predictable, one I believe is tied in with Google, Panda & Penguin. I’m not going to bore you with the data or line of reasoning.

Having typed that, I notice that many visits made to my blog via iPad and mobile phone are NOT recorded as if they never had happened! I know this because I enlisted friends with such devices to visit the site. Also, people who have me in their feed reader and view content via the RSS reader DO NOT show up on the stats!

Interested in gauging what (if any) local readership there might be (truthfully I have done ZERO to publicize my blog on a local basis) I injected a Mayoral poll. The results were less than spectacular. But then again, I never aimed to build a local audience. So that may be a good thing!

Yesterday I stopped by a blog that I visit very infrequently and noticed a BlogCatalog display widget. Looks like most visitors displayed there last checked in more than 6 months ago. Bloggers always try new things, just in case something ‘big’ comes along. On twitter I have my real name because I signed up for the microblogging service when it was unknown and untested.

So along comes Bloglovin’ and if you look in the sidebar you will see a button you can click on to “follow” me via the service, which you can also sign yourself (and your blog if you have one) up for and use it as a replacement for Google Reader. I imported all my RSS already. I’d rather have a straight simple interface, but until something better comes along (if it ever does) this will do. It will HAVE to do!

A wonderful post on my internet pal Ana’s blog [“How Ana Offended Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios”] reminded me of an incident involving my Google/Blog*Spot/Blogger blog and the importance of generating original content versus begging, borowing or excerpting material from other web sources.

Just over a year ago to the day, I received a notification from Blogger:
19:41PM 03/29/2012 A DMCA complaint on your content has been received and/or updated.

??? I was caught “off-guard”…

So I checked to see what the complaint entailed: an old (2007) post about Shakira, the pop star. Have a look at the “offending link” [The link actually violating copyright law leads back to a radio station that DID NOT EXIST in 2007!]

The link that you see in the screenshot above enabled the reader of my blog to click on the radio station link so he or she could listen to that particular station’s webstream. In and of itself, it had NOTHING to do with “Shakira” (one theory:   a Shakira recording on the radio station’s playlist was somehow accessed by a bot reverse-tracking it via the link on my blog) or anything else appearing in my blog post.

The Takeaway ::: strive to keep content original. Bots searching for copyright content have no mercy, nor do they have human souls.

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