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Did I type “as the new year begins?”
Indeed I did!
The new school year.
The new fall TV season.
The time when 2017 model cars come out.
I don’t know about you, but I had a really really good summer 2016! It started back in May for me.
I set a goal of having a great summer, writing down all the things I wanted to do, big and small, and then taking each day as it came, enjoying it whether at home, at work, or at play. I hope YOU had a great summer too!

This blog has been inactive for some time. Where did those 8 months go? Other social media and the time constraints of having a kick-ass summer prohibited me from taking the time to write and publish worthwhile material here. In fact, save for this paragraph, I’m trying out a twitter app called “TwitLonger” that lets you ramble on beyond 140 characters. Now that Autumn is approaching I believe I’ll have more time to get online in the late evening and carry on with serious blogging.

Fall should be really interesting: the presidential election in the United States between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is certainly going to be one for the record books. A political donnybrook if ever there was one, I suspect! I hope YOU continue to follow me on social media, read my blogs and of course if you’re in upstate New York – actually anywhere on earth – you can listen to my news reports via the internet on


Here’s a video prepared by fellow-tweeter Iman Amrani that relates to all that’s been happening surrounding #CharlieHebdo. Well done, Iman!

A long, long week – or so it seemed!

Here we are, a litle past mid-September, with Fall rapidly approaching. I’m hitting the Farmer’s Market after work. I’ll be stocking up on fruits and I hope the vendor with the Greek food is there with his wonderful and wonderfully inexpensive ‘take-outs!’

I try to pause, appreciate life and people around me several times each day. Make every minute count. You only live once…

The weather for tonight and tomorrow looks really good for cycling and other outdoor activities, and if it rains late Saturday or early Sunday, as it likely will, I’ve got some ‘homework’ to keep me busy, along with the often tedious process of pressing on with my book-writing. Don’t get me going there!

Speaking of work – one news story that isn’t quite finished is the one about the economy. There are so many facets: the still high price of gasoline (unless it dips below $3, the fuel is too damn high for most middle, lower and poor class Americans). The working poor’s flat wages are further squeezed by rising costs for other neccessities like housing, bus and taxi transportation, child care, and food – especially food – further adding to the need for food assistance.

I posted an article this afternoon about the ongoing battle in Washington over food stamps. Face it: a lot of folks’ very survival depends on SNAP.  My opinion. Cold fact.

“…I found a free dial-up service I am using tonight. I’m getting 50k via my $1 laptop. This must be how the Cubans feel when they get those ancient American cars up and running…” ~ me

The Summer of 2013 represents a turning point for all things internet. You have the Snowden affair going down, you have the blog-for-money crowd crying over their keyboards because Penguin or Panda or PR has dwindled. Traffic is down. You have some of the US Constitutional freedoms facing challenges as the fabric of the populace morphs and “the new minority” has been declared.

Friends, remember this. If you are “online” then be online for knowledge giving, knowledge receiving, knowledge sharing. Keep the experience in “basic” territory. Stay off the cloud. Don’t go socio-psycho.

I put some sound editing programs on this old laptop tonight. They are not unlike Adobe Audition or Audacity, but they differ in that they have VERY small footprints (take up little space on the harddrive) but are just as effective. I’m back in the old days of the net when most people did an awful lot OFFLINE, leaving nothing to invading hackers. Things are just a little bit safer and a lot more under my direct control.

Oh yes – QUALITY CONTENT is still the one and only king. And knowing what people are looking for when they type terms into searchbars.

[Altamont; June 25, 2013]

If that is what you want, what you really really want, know this: You can do it by simply making your online presence special, unique, original and by carefully compiling and proper management of the list of those you yourself follow on the twitter microblogging system!

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