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…ask John Cantlie.

Many of my colleagues and contemporaries all over the globe increasingly find themselves in dangerous situations. Here in the United States, people were horrified when a reporter and her cameraman were murdered on live television. But there are more of us who risk our lives on a daily basis. It’s hard to accept that something as simple as participating in a children’s event at a shopping mall or interviewing a chamber of commerce leader could potentially end in death.

On September 10, 25-year-old broadcast journalist Flor Alba Núñez Vargas was shot to death in southwest Colombia. Her bio descrfibes her as “a passionate woman of the media” who enjoyed spreading information over the air and online.

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Reminder: Whatever you put in your mobile reporting kit… the keys to being prepared are to keep your checklist with your kit, and to repack it and recharge your devices right when you get back from reporting. Don’t wait to prepare until just before you leave, they say, because you never know when you may need to run off in a hurry for your next assignment. ~ Jennifer Dorroh


Competition, at the end of the day, doesn’t matter… But, at the end of the day, it is a competitive space.” ~ The Kang Sisters

Have you heard of / Are you using tools such as StoryMap or cell phone apps like Storehouse? Are you tending to your personal brand? A recent episode of South Park showed children and adults gathered together in a room where the jumbo tv screen was blank. No one was talking to anyone else. Everyone’s nose was buried in his or her smartphone. The cartoon series reflects what’s going on in the analog world: the mobile device has become the connecting point for millions of people all over the world. It is the center of all attention and affection: a communicator, an oracle, a library, a walkman, a television, and sometimes a telephone!

Wearables, hearables, nearables and payables will be some of the buzzwords of 2015 as the mobile revolution takes the next great leap. Mobile and social trends will continue to drive technical, product and content innovation with subscription and rental models increasingly driving digital revenues.” ~ Nic Newman

Mr. Newman has outlined in his Media, Journalism and Technology Predictions for 2015 report you can read or download here. [PDF]

Now, after you’ve read the report, how much of it do you believe currently applies to or is likely to impact you, in the 12 months coming. What are YOUR thoughts? Is Newman on-target?

There’s panic across America. Demons sprouting up here, there and everywhere. Among them are recurring attention-stealers like #Kardashian butt, #Ferguson, #CosbyMeme, Buffalo’s Snowmageddon, Hillary Clinton and of course, Middle East conflicts.

Closer to the mortal plane and to the minds of those who once were young: the ongoing skit pitting Led Zeppelin against Spirit. Battle lines were drawn in May 2014. The final outcome will be verrrry interesting, I see it dynamically impacting future copyright claims.

To keep the ship right, one must look back to the mid-1960s, a time when it was common for bands to “borrow and re-work,” essentially re-imagine and re-design older tunes – especially blues numbers, something the pre-Zep Yardbirds and the very early Rolling Stones specialized in. Even the Beatles dabbled in old songs, like “My Bonnie”…

In the interest of stirring up some trouble of my own, I turn your attention toward our beloved ancient rock icons The Rolling Stones. Let’s admit we creative types all beg, borrow and steal, albeit much of the time unintentionally and unconsciously.

Keith Richards says he envisioned “Satisfaction” as a country song before he chanced upon the Fuzzbox. With such a distinctive opening, there was nothing like it back in ’65.

Richards himself THOUGHT he got the idea Martha & the Vandellas’ “Dancing in the Street.” At times, the Stones fretted over music that others might interpret as “borrowed” – k d Lang received a writing credit for “Anybody Seen My Baby?”, whose chorus sounds strikingly similar to “Constant Craving”. The story goes Mick Jagger discovered his daughter listening to a recording of “Constant Craving” on her stereo and realized he had heard the song before many times but only subliminally.

I’ve always suspected he got the spark for the classic opening riff of “Satisfaction” from hearing the guitar lick within “Since You Broke My Heart.” What do YOU think?

This article re-blogged via radiojar’s tumblr ::: I must ask this – what happens when (not if) the internet collapses or is collapsed. Or just goes “offline” for any notable amount of time. Society depends on it. If digital goes down, your cellular telephone won’t be able to communicate. You should always have analog back-up. Free, over-the-air radio and television are the last outposts of free speech, thought and human interaction. Just sayin’ – now go ahead and continue reading!

Current times for radio feel like the increase in the movement of the needle on a seismograph foretelling a tremendous volcanic eruption destined to alter radio forever. The reason for this cosmogonic transformation is simple: listeners are migrating online.




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Great radio stories can be told in about three minutes and thirty seconds.

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