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Brian Williams, Jon Stewart, Bobbi Kristina and Sports Illustrated have hijacked the headlines across MainStreamMedia, and even Drudge gets a “Thumbs Down” — while Kayla Mueller’s heart wrenching story gets pushed back off “lead story” status. (“ISIS didn’t see her as a hostage or a bargaining chip,” a counter-terrorism official told ABC News.)

What’s happening in the media is just one more indication that the USA has lost its moral edge. A lot of folks don’t care for Barack Obama’s ISIS/Crusades comparison. Let’s get real.

Kayla Mueller, Jordanian fighter pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh and many mambers of ISIS have one common denominator and one fault: youth. The restlessness that oft comes when one is in his or her twenties. The desire to make a mark, have a purpose, live a special life. Kayla’s passionate humanitarian work originated in the same place “in the heart” as Moaz’s desire to fly, just as visions of foreign service in a revolutionary cause has captivated the souls of young men and women through all time.

Why do people flock to ISIS? They are seeking meaning and matter in their lives, much the same way others immerse themselves in different causes – all for that same reason – looking for a place, a part in the master script. 

TV anchors shedding tears over Brian Williams! Tabloids grinding up Bobbi Kristina setting record sales. Sports Illustrated trying to be the Madonna/Lady Gaga of magazines. In a world where TV attorneys place ads proclaiming they will sue anybody at the drop of a hat, the BS is so deep, life so superficial, no wonder young people look for other outlets.

»More ::: Kayla’s letter and John McCain’s video

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Reminder: Whatever you put in your mobile reporting kit… the keys to being prepared are to keep your checklist with your kit, and to repack it and recharge your devices right when you get back from reporting. Don’t wait to prepare until just before you leave, they say, because you never know when you may need to run off in a hurry for your next assignment. ~ Jennifer Dorroh


Competition, at the end of the day, doesn’t matter… But, at the end of the day, it is a competitive space.” ~ The Kang Sisters

Have you heard of / Are you using tools such as StoryMap or cell phone apps like Storehouse? Are you tending to your personal brand? A recent episode of South Park showed children and adults gathered together in a room where the jumbo tv screen was blank. No one was talking to anyone else. Everyone’s nose was buried in his or her smartphone. The cartoon series reflects what’s going on in the analog world: the mobile device has become the connecting point for millions of people all over the world. It is the center of all attention and affection: a communicator, an oracle, a library, a walkman, a television, and sometimes a telephone!

Wearables, hearables, nearables and payables will be some of the buzzwords of 2015 as the mobile revolution takes the next great leap. Mobile and social trends will continue to drive technical, product and content innovation with subscription and rental models increasingly driving digital revenues.” ~ Nic Newman

Mr. Newman has outlined in his Media, Journalism and Technology Predictions for 2015 report you can read or download here. [PDF]

Now, after you’ve read the report, how much of it do you believe currently applies to or is likely to impact you, in the 12 months coming. What are YOUR thoughts? Is Newman on-target?

As I was going through the latest issue of Dabiq, I was moved by journalist John Cantlie‘s article “Hard Talk: The Real Story Behind My Videos.” Many will dismiss it as propaganda, but I would bet if you read it, you would, as I did, detect the truths presented.

Colleague Cantile, who has gone from wearing black to orange, telegraphs the message ISIS is willing to negotiate with the U.S. and could have done so. The group is all too well aware of the swap of 5 high level imprisoned terrorists for army deserter Bo Bergdahl. In Dabiq #4 there are other articles which also seem to reach out to the U.S. in a “Let’s Talk” stance.

“…you need to appreciate the
story behind the scenes.”
John Cantlie
~p56 Dabiq#4

Take  a walk through the pages of Dabiq, then read this interesting take on the new ISIS currency (keep an open mind!)

“Beware of the misinformation by main and alternative news sources, my friends. I would suggest you do as I do, go take the time to listen to the unfiltered speeches of people. YouTube provides them. Next time, dip into the first source and not third or forth hand sources.”

~ John Hogue, commenting on remarks the press attributed to Vladimir Putin

It has been imagined and presented many times in different ways via various scenarios storied in books, movies and tv, how modern American society would fare during a loss of government; during a breakdown of law and order.

There are some very intelligent people who can’t wait for Barack Obama to leave office. They fear the U.S. President is in fact a ‘trojan horse’ and that any given morning the nation might wake up to a dictatorship. That kind of thought is just a little over the top. Radical talk-show rhetoric distracting reasonable thinkers from drawing more logical conclusions. There are much graver things to be concerned about.

Take a closer look at ISIS, divorcing that look from anything you’ve recently seen or heard, pro and con.

The group originated as Jama’at al-Tawhid wal-Jihad in 1999, which became Tanzim Qaidat al-Jihad fi Bilad al-Rafidayn—commonly known as Al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI)—in 2004. Following the 2003 invasion of Iraq, AQI took part in the Iraqi insurgency. In 2006, it joined other Sunni insurgent groups to form the Mujahideen Shura Council, which consolidated further into the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) shortly afterwards. ISI gained a significant presence in Al Anbar, Nineveh, Kirkuk and other areas, but around 2008, its violent methods, including suicide attacks on civilian targets and the widespread killing of prisoners, led to a backlash from Sunni Iraqis and other insurgent groups.

In April 2013, the group changed its name to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL /ˈaɪsəl/), also translated as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS /ˈaɪsɪs/), also known by the Arabic acronym Daʿish and self-proclaimed as the Islamic State (IS), is a Sunni jihadist rebel group controlling territory in Iraq, Syria, eastern Libya and the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt.

In June 2014, ISIS announced the creation of a caliphate (Islamic state) that erases all state borders, making it the self-declared authority over the world’s estimated 1.5 billion Muslims

OK, cancel that divorce. But you still don’t know ISIS… (read More)

See Also: Ntrepid ISIS Timeline Analysis

There are a mere handful of female reporters/presenters some teevee critics label “news hotties” – Mishal Husain, Katty Kay, etc. Perhaps “hottest” of all, former swimsuit poser Lara Logan.

Joe Hagan types a corker in New York Magazine: “Benghazi and the Bombshell” sub-titled “Is Lara Logan too toxic to return to 60 Minutes?

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Great radio stories can be told in about three minutes and thirty seconds.

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