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I’ve always thought that as people living in America’s Free society we should be able to access information. Perhaps Edward Snowden has had the most success in disseminating interesting news, along with WikiLeaks, but why so many conspiracy theories?

Popular mistrust got a huge boost with the Roswell saucers – whatever the real story is – it was fertilized by the Betty and Barney Hill abduction and subsequent release of a ‘starmap’ Betty Hill was able to recall and draw under hypnosis. But I digress.

There has been a line of thought that we must be shielded from anything the Islamic State divulges over the internet through social media or other channels. It’s difficult, but on can find issues of Dabiq, the group’s glossy propaganda magazine. They can be followed on twitter and other apps, but only if you have plenty of time to search for material as accounts are sometimes deleted/removed within hours of being created.

As NBC says, “the more you know.” Access to info = freedom of speech. Internetizens who’ve been around awhile may recall Gopher and Archie. Did you know there are many of these sites still active/available in 2015? There is so much information you can find on the Internet, it is almost unthinkable that just 20% can actually be accessed by the “general public” at large.

ISIS FM radio station ‘al-Bayan’ began broadcasting almost a year ago in Mosul, Iraq on frequency 99.9 and audio clips can be found on the web. | {sample} | But access is not handed to anyone – you have to be pro-active! Initiate your own searches – that is the only way you will quench your thirst for knowledge. [Do not confuse 99.9 with the Australian radio outlet of the same name] There are also hallways and doorways on Darknet that you can explore – IF you know how to safely arrive there, and where to go when you do.


This weekend there are a pair of interesting events happening in Upstate New York. With proper timing, you should be able to visit both!

First up is The Pine Bush UFO Fair. Pine Bush is a hamlet, in the Town of Crawford in Orange County, and Shawangunk in Ulster County. The day’s events begin with a 5k race, and then Main Street is closed from 9 till 3:30, during which time local authors will talk about UFO sightings. One author is Linda Zimmermann, whose book “In the Night Sky: Hudson Valley UFO Sightings from the 1930s to the Present” prominently features Pine Bush. Then there’s a parade, a documentary film based on Zimmermann’s book, and a radio theater performance of “War of the Worlds” followed by, perhaps, a UFO sighting.

Also on Saturday, The Center for Symbolic Studies’s annual Beltane festival at Stone Mountain Farm. It usually draws a crowd of over 1,000 to celebrate the return of warmth and light. (Picture a Renaissance Faire with a lot less commercialism and a lot more Magick and you’ve got the idea.)

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Great radio stories can be told in about three minutes and thirty seconds.

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