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Say hello to Xiaxue!

Wendy Cheng, hands down, no-contest, is the consummate blogger. Period.

Here’s the proof.


Many many former “hardcore” and daily bloggers have abandoned the craft for facebook, twitter and other platforms. Nonetheless, there are still thousands of active bloggers across North & South America, not to mention the rest of the planet.

There’s a debate taking place in Southeast Asia, in the island nation called Singapore, involving one of the blog*spot/blogger platform’s cornerstone bloggers, Wendy Cheng aka Xiaxue. While it may bring about changes there, similar attempts at transparency on this side of the globe would likely rely on the actual blogging platforms themselves: it’s up to Google (blogger), WordPress, Wix, etc. to set their own standards. I don’t see the government(s) stepping in.

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Just in time for fall. @thespot518 Possibly filling the void left when Metroland stopped.

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