I’m playing catch-up today. It’s been a long, long time since I’ve had a day where I could sit down at my desk, log onto the net, and visit a myriad of blogs and websites.

The day began rather cold here in New York – I posted earlier on twiter that this is the first day since February I’ve made a cup of hot cocoa to keep warm. Although I had one or two “usual Saturday errands” and an appointment at 1pm, the rest of the day is mine.

I stopped by Orient Lodge to read a few posts. Aldon’s blog is “cozy” and familiar, and that’s kinda what got me into the “old groove” for the day. Although a lot of people stopped updating their blogs long ago, they still stand, emamnating from servers out there in brick and mortar stuructures somewhere.

Aside from revisiting blogs I’ve known for years, I stopped by a few newer places, like activist May Golan’s blog. There’s so much we don’t know about the world around us, whether it’s as close as New England or as far away as the Middle East. The internet, in the form it has been and is today, is the greatest communication tool of free speech – one that soon may be compromised.

There has been talk of rolling out “regional internets” at a time when experts are warning NSA surveillance may cause a breakup of internet and “Net Neutrality” is the subject of much debate in the U.S.

The intimacy and intricacies of the Internet aka Infobahn aka Information Highway have become opaque due to the huge number of people with smartphones, phablets and tablets, who no longer understand what the Net is really about, how it works and wht it can do. Mobile companies already have “tamed” the digital wild horse as we move toward a split techno-society: back around 2005, when AOL’s pseudo-internet was thankfully collapsing, most netizens were aware of the power at their fingertips.

These days there are few who truly appreciate and understand the good ol’ World Wide Web. In the future they’ll share stories with kids and grandkids, who’ll marvel and wonder if they were actually true. I hope it never comes to that, but I guess that’s why we have hackers and @anonymous and 4chan, and whistle-blowers like Ed Snowden and cypherpunks like Julian Assange. They keep the fires burning. But for how long?

By whatever name  – it all starts with a single step…

Ceylan Ozbudak of A9tv has written a thought-provoking article every Muslim, Christian, Jew and athiest should read: it cuts to the heart of an ages-old problem that has plagued humanity.

If the soil of a small village is poisoned and the poison becomes contagious once it enters the human body, there is no way to save the population unless we find the antidote for that poison. We can quarantine the sick or burn all the fields we want, but one child playing in a field would be enough to revive the outbreak and contaminate the whole village. We can try to bomb the field but the airborne particles will simply make people sick. Terrorism, radicalism and extremism are just like this poison…   continue reading “An antidote for ISIS’s poisonous narrative”

Active Engagement With Activists And Their Work.

“Facebook is this generation’s AOL; a simplified version of the internet with simplified versions of its functions under one banner.

I think the thing is, I remember Web 1.0. The whole point of the internet was (and to me still is) about communicating with people I don’t know- discussing Star Trek on Usenet with people around the world- not with people I do know. Or did know. Or went to school with but lost touch with because we don’t give a damn about each other. Or whatever.

It’s always just seemed like something for the weak minded to me. Like AOL.”

Amen, brother!

See: What happens when your friends start leaving Facebook? by Theo Merz


Great radio stories can be told in about three minutes and thirty seconds.

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