Court Declares That, Yes, Bloggers Are Media (via Techdirt)

A few years ago, we wrote about the bizarre and quixotic effort by Florida businessman Christopher Comins to find any possible way to sue University of Florida student and blogger Matthew Frederick VanVoorhis for his blog post concerning a widely publicized…

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My “blog motto” for this particular weblog is “Great radio stories can be told in about three minutes and thirty seconds.” Here’s proof.

My response to an article I just read:  twitter is probably following the example set by Google. Google’s mantra  is ” If It Ain’t Broke FIX It!” – something they have steamrolled over users time after time after time. In the end, like a dictator, Google always wins. If twitter makes ANY changes, you may yell and holler and protest, but eventually you will understand you have NO VOICE because twitter is NOT a democracy!

And if you discovered you had to pay to stay active on facebook or risk deletion of your account (memories, pictures, etc.) what would you do?  


Great radio stories can be told in about three minutes and thirty seconds.

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