Brian Williams, Jon Stewart, Bobbi Kristina and Sports Illustrated have hijacked the headlines across MainStreamMedia, and even Drudge gets a “Thumbs Down” — while Kayla Mueller’s heart wrenching story gets pushed back off “lead story” status. (“ISIS didn’t see her as a hostage or a bargaining chip,” a counter-terrorism official told ABC News.)

What’s happening in the media is just one more indication that the USA has lost its moral edge. A lot of folks don’t care for Barack Obama’s ISIS/Crusades comparison. Let’s get real.

Kayla Mueller, Jordanian fighter pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh and many mambers of ISIS have one common denominator and one fault: youth. The restlessness that oft comes when one is in his or her twenties. The desire to make a mark, have a purpose, live a special life. Kayla’s passionate humanitarian work originated in the same place “in the heart” as Moaz’s desire to fly, just as visions of foreign service in a revolutionary cause has captivated the souls of young men and women through all time.

Why do people flock to ISIS? They are seeking meaning and matter in their lives, much the same way others immerse themselves in different causes – all for that same reason – looking for a place, a part in the master script. 

TV anchors shedding tears over Brian Williams! Tabloids grinding up Bobbi Kristina setting record sales. Sports Illustrated trying to be the Madonna/Lady Gaga of magazines. In a world where TV attorneys place ads proclaiming they will sue anybody at the drop of a hat, the BS is so deep, life so superficial, no wonder young people look for other outlets.

»More ::: Kayla’s letter and John McCain’s video

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I received this in my morning email:
Andrew Sullivan is retiring from blogging. He wants to have a real life. (The Dish) | Lots of people blogged about the news, and Twitter was wild with it. “That seems an appropriate send-off for a blogger whose work defined much of what we have come to see as normal in the age of social media.” (Mashable) | BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith writes, partly, about Sullivan’s place and influence in blogging. (BuzzFeed) | Blogging isn’t dead. “…a ‘blog’ is simply a publishing medium. It’s a way to put content on the Internet — usually a fast and, relatively, user-friendly way. But, the conflating a publishing medium with a sort of online writing — opinionated, snarky — that tends to be the preferred approach of many of its users is a mistake. (The Washington Post)

Are you running the blog or is the blog running you? Create a purposeful blog plan and take back your life!

Blogger Stéphanie Bonnet has posted 4 very concise, critical time-saving processes for bloggers. Do have a look.

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Now, here’s a question for ya! How CAREFUL are YOU, blogger, about what you say on social media? Does your employer regulate or “own” your twitter and/or facebook accounts? Do you blog independently or are you “sanctioned” by the outlet you work for? Your thoughts?

Back in 2010 I posted an article entitled “Tweet Like A Rock Star,” to which I now shall add “Don’t tweet anything you’ll be sorry for later.” Like this young woman did.

Like CNN’s Jim Clancy did…

And what about all the hooptydoo about “Personal Brand” – you know I think the gal who innovated personally branding a blog was wendy Cheng, whose fave colour pink became her blogspot blog’s trademark! You’ll find Xiaxue in the list of blogs appearing on this page!



Here’s a video prepared by fellow-tweeter Iman Amrani that relates to all that’s been happening surrounding #CharlieHebdo. Well done, Iman!


Great radio stories can be told in about three minutes and thirty seconds.

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