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Islamic State well organized? The Toronto Sun seems to think so.

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“Bitcoin self- regulates the production of money and clearing of
transactions that have traditionally been handled by banks and
monopolistic payment systems. As an encryption-based currency, Bitcoin
enables the secure transfer of value as content through almost any
network directly from sender to receiver without counter-party risk. Its
global autonomous network disrupts the old hierarchical financial
institutions and rebels against central authority, potentially rendering
the archaic payment systems irrelevant.” ~ Nozomi Hayase

How Bitcoin Will End World Poverty{Video} William Blair partner Brian Singer explains how Bitcoin and blockchain encryption has a greater ability to bring more of the world’s population out of poverty than anything we’ve seen in decades. Those of you with slow or dialup connections here is a TRANSCRIPT.

On the NASDAQ blog, Martin Tiller ponders whether Bitcoin could destroy the Global Banking System… Here’s a snippet:

What has the industry worried is not so much Bitcoin as the blockchain. Banks are so used to taking a cut every time money changes hands that they cannot imagine life without that particular revenue stream. Here’s a LINK to the full article.  Here is a PRINTABLE version.

Draw your own conclusions? Willing to share?

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Re-Thinkng Bitcoin

#Bitcoin Your Future

Eric Garris, @Antiwarcom founder and director, penned the piece Google Doubles Down: Demands Review of All Content,” which states: “On Wednesday morning (3/18/15), Google AdSense suspended ad delivery to demanding that we remove our 11-year-old pages that showed the abuse by U.S. soldiers of Iraqi detainees at Abu Ghraib. We publicized this and got a bit of coverage. [See in Gawker: ‘Google Suspends Site from Ad Network for Abu Ghraib Photo.”]

Yesterday [Thursday] Google contacted us and told us that they had given in and would be restoring ad service to shortly. “However, this morning [Friday] they contacted us demanding that we remove this article. “ has no intention of allowing Google to dictate our content. We are looking into alternate sources of advertising and will not likely be working with Google AdSense in the future.” Read the rest of this entry »


Great radio stories can be told in about three minutes and thirty seconds.

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